We’re a brand development agency that helps small companies create, cultivate, and communicate brand stories.

Every small company has a story worth telling, and every story deserves a strong lede. This drives our mission: to help you capture and keep your audience’s attention through brand storytelling.

Our Founder & Creative Director, Reece Lodder, learned to craft ledes while serving as a U.S. Marine Corps writer, photographer, and marketer. This adventure shaped his love for storytelling, clear communication, and service to others — our brand ingredients.

You’re busy. Let us take the lead.

Whether we’re working to name your company, create a brand strategy, develop a visual identity, share your story online, or carry it across marketing channels, we help you establish strategic, verbal, and visual brand clarity.

This brand development process begins either at your company’s start or, after a brand review, from where you’ve brought it. We listen first, ask hard questions, and meld our creative capacity with industry and audience data to create a marketing and communications plan. Next, we put it into action.

Two cases in point: we partnered with a new company, meat processing innovator Friesla, to create their brand identity, story, and digital media assets. We also helped a well-established cabinet manufacturer, HighCraft, refresh the company’s brand, reposition their messaging, and unfold this story on their new website.

We love stories — and helping you tell them. Let’s get started.

Questions? Let’s connect.